The metaphor 'Slay the Dragon' stands for overcoming your fears and the problems you face, no matter how big and scary they are.

The Great Reset

Great Reset is a move by the rich and powerful to grab more power and wealth, and it will have global economic, political and social consequences.

Who Rules the World: Noam Chomsky

Summary and takeaways from the book.

Model for Prosperity for Punjab

The 3 pillars on which to build prosperity in Punjab are:
human rights, property rights, and environmental protection;
small, virtuous and meritocratic government;
genuine liberaltarianism capitalism for the fourth industrial revolution.

Special Dr Martin Luther King Jr Edition

Discussion on the protest going on in his homeland where minorities are being suppressed and the relevance of this protests to Dr MLK's work, and how this will affect every one of us by creating more political refugees, driving down wages, and increasing authoritarianism at home.

Relevance of Sikh religion & philosophy in today’s Silicon age, Space age, & beyond

Article on SikhNet

Mistrust of governments

Mistrust of governments makes our crises worse.

Respect for Institutions

Article on Counter Currents

Revisiting Universal Basic Income

Article on News Talk Florida on Universal Basic Income(UBI). It Is Not Free Money, It Is Your Right To Your Country’s Riches

Discussion on UBI(Universal Basic Income)

Radio show on 'UBI(Universal Basic Income), how it works especially in the midst of so many Americans currently unemployed.'.

The virus may kill, but your problems are man-made

Article on Counter Currents

A News Talk Florida Investigative Report: How we learn to Demilitarize the police and not Defund them”

Article on News Talk Florida

Discussion on Racism In It's Many Forms And Solutions

Radio show 'about race and oppression in the wake of the George Floyd death at the hands of police'.

On the matter of Masks it is a case of “Civil Liberties Meets Civil Decency.”

Article on News Talk Florida

Rally to your King

People would rather give themselves electric shock than think.

Don’t try and make sense of things on your own. Find your leader and support him.

Rally around your Leader, Rally to your King.

Exchange Traded Funds(ETF)

Exchange Traded Funds(ETF) are a simple and straight forward way for individuals to make money on the stock market.

With ETF, there is no reason to complain that the stock market bubble is only available to the rich. Anyone can grow their money using ETF’s from the comfort of their home armed with knowledge and smartphone app(or website).

Long term consequences of the coronavirus and the impact it will have on our economy

Radio show

The Irrationality of Rational Decisions

A decision can be rational, and wrong.

The Aftermath Of The Perfect Storm: The Long term Consequences Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

Article on News Talk Florida

The Perfect Storm: The Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Consequences

Article on News Talk Florida

Introduction to Voice of Mankind

Coverage on VoyageLA magazine

The American Way

Article on News Talk Florida

Just Fix It

We don’t fix what is broken, we just buy something new and shiny.

Refugees Go Home

Article on News Talk Florida

Why are you so excited?

The more people's job involves mis-leading the public, the more excited they usually are. When a job is genuinely serving the public, there is no need to say that you are excited about it.

Can't I just enjoy my life

You can't be what you want to be, you have to be what you need to be.

The Return of Emperor Nero

Emperor Nero is back. Enjoy the soap opera on the global stage while the world burns.

Why are you still in Business?

Natural evolution demands that we adapt our working practices and business's to changing environment, geopolitical realities, and changing customer demands, or let it die out just as steam engines and travel agents did.

The consequence of money being used to subsidize people's incompetence and greed is that we have to live with outdated businesses, populist politicians, high taxes, poor quality products and services, broken infrastructure, big fascist governments, and worse.


Enjoy real Luxury to experience the best life can give you, and then give it back.

The Greatest American Ever

Martin Luther King Jr. was the Greatest American Ever for dedicating his life to Social Justice.

The Greatest Religion

Religion is a lot more than a protocol on how to worship God or a Higher Power. The Greatest Religion is the one that provides a proven and realistic model to solve the Worlds most pressing social economic and political problems.

The Untold History of India

Sikh religion is India's finest philosophy. It is a practical, rational and proven model for social, political and economic prosperity; developed by natives of a great ancient civilization at its peak; during its time of greatest need; and for the benefit of all.

How to change the world

Imagine, and think BIG without any inhibitions or worrying about practicality of it. You WILL change the world.

The Biggest Problem of our times

Selfishness and greed to some extend is good as it motivates people to strive for rewards. It is good and normal human nature to want fame and fortune.

Be selfish and greedy, but not to the point of self harm where your selfishness and greed hurts, alienates and inflames everyone around you, and is self-defeating.

Our greatest achievements

Believe in, and cherish Science and Religion, for they are mankind's greatest achievements.

We are all diseased

You are diseased, and it is my problem. And it your problem that I am diseased.

The untold History of the World

You are the one who will make history. Act wisely and act now.

Why is your life in the West so good?

Do you in the West still consider yourself self made? Are you successful and enjoying the good life because you worked hard and made the right decisions. Think again.

Boutique culture

Why not base our culture on an authentic boutique instead of a convenience store?

Are you busy?

What message are you sending to others when you say you are busy?


Authenticity for us means writing and talking without being Politically Correct, and without diluting our message by making it softer, gentler, and palatable. The Pen is mightier than the sword only if the pen is sharp and pierces the soul.

The American Way

America doesn't need a new system which sucks life out of the winners, middle class, and minorities under a false promise of feeding a few crumbs to the less fortunate.


If we want our politicians, government, and corporations to be honest, not hypocritical, far-sighted, and fair, then we have to simultaneously be that ourselves. Not before, not after, but at the same time.

The world needs authentic Capitalism, not Socialism

In authentic Capitalism, you earn what you can. No one extorts from you, and you don't get any special treatment because you lobbied or are part of a politician's electorate.

Religion unites us, Politicians divides us

Religion is a tool misused by politicians to divide and distract us, at the behest of their corporate paymasters.

Fragmented resistance

It is up to us to unite the fragmented resistance. Don't fight alone, join the army.

Pursue money and power like your life depends on it

When the right people have money and power, it inspires the next generation and other people in the community to take up professions and causes for well being of the community and move us forward as a species.

I don't get it

When you 'don't get it', read again, and contemplate. Repeat if necessary.

Responsibilities maketh a man

Without responsibilities, life becomes meaningless pursuit of the cheap thrills, artificial excitement, next round of throwaway trashy entertainment. This is increasingly the fate of many people in the Westernized World.

Only the poor care about the environment

The poor worry about climate change as they see its effects immediately. The rich and educated are less affected by climate change, are insulated by it, and are happy just talking about it.

How Social Media creators really make money

Social Media content creation is just self-promotion and an expression of narcissism for the rich and privileged who can afford to spend time and money to create it.

The Age of Stupid

Humans are better at rationalizing irrational decisions than making rational decisions.

Get out of your job before it destroys you

A job is not good for the medium term because of the damage it does to your physical and emotional health.

What does it mean to be cultured

Being cultured permeates how you think, how you act, how and what you speak, how you dress, and how you respond to situations in your life.

Get involved in Politics at all levels

Contrary to common belief, Politics has great Return on the Investment in time and effort you put in. The rewards are not direct but indirect.

Food and obesity

People don't get adequate nutrition, calories, or proteins from their food. They compensate by eating more food, or have a snack, dessert, or a sugary drink. This is what causes obesity.

Start your small business

For a better life, start your small business.

Live among Nature

For a better life, live among Nature.


The real reason for calls to use soft language is to blunt the effect of powerful inspiring words so that their effectiveness is lost.

The Legend of Men

Be a man, be a legend.

Help each other

Our insular, individualistic, intolerant, entitled, and selfish existence has created an epidemic of loneliness. This makes us weaker and easy to exploit as individuals and as a fragmented weakened community. Take the initiative to be involved in other peoples lives and help others, instead of looking for reasons not to.

What to do with your life: start here

Life your life with elegance and class, not just getting by and merely satisfying your basic primeval desires. Dress well, eat well, live well. Go out, meet people and make friends.

The Great Story of our times

Where is the Great Story, the Great Leader, and the Movement of our times? It is preferable to bring about change through slow cultural changes and laws, than a revolution spearheaded by a charismatic person or a revolutionary movement or a catchy narrative and slogan.

A life unlived

Why do so many people with skills, knowledge, and motivation, never fulfill their true potential?

The death of hypocrisy

People, government, and corporations don't deny or hide their sins. Instead, there is pride. Who needs hypocrisy.


Diversity is tolerated and protected out of necessity by the Deep State. There is no acceptance of diversity in the Western World at grassroots and community level, and why should there be any. At best, it is polite hypocrisy.

Money does bring happiness

Money brings health, comfort, and security. It is not everything but having all that should make you happier than living without it.

The Golden Age of Man

We live in a Golden Age of Man. Make the most of this Golden Age we are in.

Who stole our money

It is not just the 1%, but millions of Government employees and contractors also stole your money.

Deep State

Deep state is an informal all-pervasive nexus of Government, fossilized bureaucratic Institutions, and large Corporations. Deep State's purpose is to transfer wealth, prosperity and power from individuals and communities, to government, institutions, and corporations.

Capitalism is a roaring success

Capitalism is a roaring success, but not for you and me. You and me don't matter.

Here lies Democracy, may it Rest in Peace

Democracy in Westernized World is effectively dead. It is best to let Democracy Rest in Peace.


All politicians are predictably corrupt and only interested in power and money. We have to unite and engage with them on our terms as a group, not as individuals, to ensure we get them to do what we want.

Almost all charities and non-profits are corrupt and useless

Don't try and do the Governments job. Lobby and Litigate the Government to do its job.

Who owns your country

You own your country and almost everything in it. Imagine the possibilities. Act like an owner.

It is The Law

Laws are made by politicians, not by God. Don't give laws more credibility than they deserve. It is our duty to obey the law, but not our duty or obligation to respect the law, and it is our right to change it.

Travel doesn't open the mind for all

Travel open the mind of those who are broad minded. It doesn't open the mind of those who are narrow minded.

What if you are wrong

Ignorance, arrogance, and confidence have been best friends of late. Be open to realizing you could be wrong, and you will less likely to be so.

Irrelevant Media

No deep discussion or analysis of what is important is allowed. The irrelevant and trivial topics are given to the media to publish as news. The media also has itself to blame. For a long time, nepotism, cult like environment, advertiser influence, and corruption flourished in a toxic pseudo-rigorous environment.

Mis-informed, dis-informed, and un-informed

Any single source of information is prone to be corrupted as time goes by. If you desire to be truly informed, expect to have to read several independent and competent sources just to be aware of what is relevant to you.

Why us

Why should you read what we have to say?

Why does it matter

Why should anyone care about what we care about on this website? Why bother to provoke thought, enlighten, and provide answers without favor or influence.