Money does bring happiness

Money brings health, comfort, and security. It is not everything but having all that should make you happier than living without it.

Money and wealth does bring happiness. Money brings comfort, less stress, and freedom to buy products and services which can make your life comfortable.

Money doesn't replace good health, family, or friends. Money doesn't necessarily build your character or give you values or make you more intelligent or nicer or popular person.

Money isn't everything. It is just an important and useful thing.

Money ensures you can afford good healthy food, get proper sleep as you don't have to work long hours, time to exercise, enjoy the outdoors, access to health care. Money improves your health.

Money ensures you can have a good house, a comfortable bed and furniture to relax in.

Money brings security as you live in safe neighborhoods, have access to good lawyers and professionals, and money invested wisely can bring long term financial security.

Of course, you have to take advantage of the money in your life and make your money work for you. Having money doesn't automatically make you happy if you don't use it wisely. Managing money well is an easy and good challenge to have.

There is nothing immoral, or wrong in pursuit of money. Money is worth pursuing provided it doesn't become an obsession, consumes your life, makes you arrogant, or hurts others.

An annual income of $150k is the minimum required to live well outside the big cities in the Westernized World. This is what one should achieve by the age of 30. Those who don't achieve that level of income have not been guided wisely by a mentor, or are in the wrong career, job, or business. You will sacrifice your health, comfort and security everyday without this level of income.

Money brings health, comfort, security, and more. It is not everything, but having all that should make you healthier, comfortable, secure, and happier than living without it.

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