Emperor Nero is back. Enjoy the soap opera on the global stage while the world burns.

Martin Luther King Jr. was the Greatest American Ever for dedicating his life to Social Justice.

Religion is a lot more than a protocol on how to worship God or a Higher Power. The Greatest Religion is the one that provides a model to solve the Worlds most pressing social economic and political problems.

Sikh religion is India's finest philosophy. It is a practical, rational and proven model for social, political and economic prosperity; developed by natives of a great ancient civilization at its peak; during its time of greatest need; and for the benefit of all.

Imagine, and think BIG without any inhibitions or worrying about practicality of it. You WILL change the world.

Believe in, and cherish Science and Religion, for they are mankind's greatest achievements.

You are the one who will make history. Act wisely and act now.

People who say they are busy are not perceived as high status but as poor at time management, rude, and with an inflated sense of self-importance.

America doesn't need a new system which sucks life out of the winners, middle class, and minorities under a false promise of feeding a few crumbs to the less fortunate.

In authentic Capitalism, you earn what you can. No one extorts from you, and you don't get any special treatment because you lobbied or are part of a politicians electorate.

Religion is a tool misused by politicians to divide and distract us, at the behest of their corporate paymasters.

Without responsibilities, life becomes meaningless pursuit of the cheap thrills, artificial excitement, next round of throwaway trashy entertainment. This is increasingly the fate of many people in the Westernized World.

Elections: where we choose which politician we trust to lie to us.

Diversity is tolerated and protected out of necessity by the Deep State. There is no acceptance of diversity in the Western World at grassroots and community level. At best, it is polite hypocrisy.

Money brings health, comfort, and security. It is not everything but having all that should make you happier than living without it.

Not just the 1%, but millions of government employees and contractors also stole our money.

You own your country and almost everything in it. Imagine the possibilities. Act like an owner.