How to change the world

Imagine, and think BIG without any inhibitions or worrying about practicality of it. You WILL change the world.

To change the world, imagine the world you want. Don't limit yourself to what is practical, or worry about what is achievable. That will come later. Imagine without any inhibitions or limiting yourself in any way.

It is human imagination which overthrew the evil British Empire without a single shot being fired, put a man on the moon, eliminated diseases like smallpox and polio, and brought about the food revolution which ended hunger for the first time in human history. Imagine how poorer mankind would be if the legendary men behind these endeavors had limited their imagination, or had been overwhelmed by the scale of task at hand.

When we imagine and think of something often, we eventually want it. Our mind compels us to act to achieve it. Have you noticed that when we think about something we like, how badly we want it, and how far we are willing to go to achieve it. This is the psychology advertisers use. They flood all channels with their product so you can never escape it. Those who want it are constantly reminded of it, and are eventually compelled to act to get it.

Don't misuse this psychology to run after trivial things, but imagine and dream big, and then let your mind and imagination drive you to achieve it.

Don't just accept the status quo, don't believe things cannot be changed, and don't expect someone else will do it.

Our failure to solve global problems is due to our failure to imagine a world without those problems. Imagine a world without human rights abuses where people are free to express themselves, there is just distribution of wealth, there is authenticity without hypocrisy, experts are treasured, media blares useful and interesting stories rather than propaganda, politicians are masters of the art of achieving the impossible rather than being slimy lying opportunistic parasites, and the planet and community is not trashed for the benefit of the few.

Pick a global problem you would like to rid the world of, and then imagine a world without it everyday. Very soon, you will be doing something about it. Thinking about it everyday is crucial as that is what compels you to act. Just toying with the idea once a week is not enough.

"We need only to flee and set about producing the world we want instead", and "We need to think in terms of creation, production, innovation, desire, invention, and we need to eagerly begin the project of building another life together. Negation, critique, protest, resistance, struggle – we have been using the wrong tools. They are making us sick. What we need instead are invention, desire, production, creation, delight, joy." - from The Handbook of Neoliberalism.

It is partly our intellectual laziness, decades of propaganda by our oppressors to blunt our sharp mind, and the feeling of helplessness we have allowed to permeate our lives which prevents us from imagining.

It is crucial we don't limit our imagination by the reality of what is possible. Politics is the art of achieving the impossible. Getting involved in politics will make our dreams a reality. However, that is a different discussion.

Imagine, and think BIG without any inhibitions or worrying about practicality of it. You WILL change the world.

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