Get involved in Politics at all levels

Contrary to common belief, Politics has great Return on the Investment in time and effort you put in. The rewards are not direct but indirect.

There is a saying: Politics is too important to be left to Politicians.

Don't let Politicians decide our destiny. Don't let them put constraints on us, divide us, over-tax us, distract us, and sell out all of us.

Above all, don't let them tell us that 'it can't be changed', or 'it is the law'. It is their job to change the law. If they make excuses or delay, tell them to step aside and let someone competent and honest do it for us.

Everyone of us can be involved in local and national politics to ensure pressure is kept on the Politicians to deliver. Not everyone is expected to rise to a Cabinet or Congress position. However, all of us can be involved to whatever level we can.

It is also not just enough to be involved in local politics. There is only a limited set of issues which are under the jurisdiction of local Politicians and Government. It is important to get involved in politics at all levels: local, regional, and national.

Start by regularly attending local and national political events of all kinds. Prepare in advance and use the opportunity to officially speak at these events. Start small and then get more and more involved. Be the official speaker and owner of an agenda item. Diversify so you don't become a single agenda person.

This will take time but it should not take years either. Attending events regularly will give you opportunities to participate officially as a speaker and present your agenda.

Avoid protest marches and large crowds of unorganized people carrying pickets and shouting at each other. These are rarely productive.

Learn the various devious ways corrupt politicians create activity without any achievement. Learn the lies and deceit they practice. Be focused on holding politicians accountable. Take on new responsibilities you are comfortable with. Use every opportunity to ensure your point is heard, and the politicians and the government are held accountable.

Your physical, mental and economic health is at stake here. You can not leave it to others.

Lobby and Litigate for what matters to you and your community. Get support from your community. Don't go there alone. Have the official weight of the community behind you. Speak and negotiate from a position of strength.

Learn from corporations. Note how they get what they want from politicians at every level.

Political events are also a great place to make business contacts, and get advanced notice of upcoming changes so you can capitalize on them. Political events are serious business but they are not all business. They are fun events too. You will get to meet interesting people from all walks of life, and make long term acquaintances and even friends.

Contrary to common belief, Politics has very good Return on Investment(ROI) in time and effort you put in. The rewards are not direct but indirect.

Get involved in Politics at all levels.

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