What to do with your life: start here

Life your life with elegance and class, not just getting by and merely satisfying your basic primeval desires. Dress well, eat well, live well. Go out, meet people and make friends.

There is plenty of advice which motivates and inspires you to change your life. There is very little advice on what to do.

'Live your dreams', say the privileged. But how?

Here is what you can start with.

Increase your income. Change careers or location if you have to. An annual income of $100k keeps you at poverty level. An annual income of $150k is the minimum required to live well outside the big cities in the Westernized World. This is what one should achieve by the age of 30. Those who don't achieve that level of income have not been guided wisely by a mentor, or are in the wrong career, job, or business. You will sacrifice your health, comfort and security everyday without this level of income.

Don't buy food which has a list of ingredients. Fresh natural foods doesn't need a list of ingredients. Eat home-cooked food most days and whenever possible. You are what you eat, and the food you eat affects your personality.

Buy a house for the long term at an affordable location. Rent the house if you can't live there. As an example, if you live and work in Manhattan or NYC, buy a house in upstate NY and rent it out. Ignore those who tell you stocks is a better investment. It might be on an excel spreadsheet, but not in the real world.

Once you have bought a house, invest in mutual funds and Gold ETF(GLD) very carefully and for the long term. Don't invest in individual stocks. Search for and follow good advice on stock investing so your money can grow by 8-10% instead of by 1-2 % in a savings account.

Choose your friends and your company wisely. Be with positive people who can help you achieve your goals. Avoid negative people who tell you it can't be done.

Minimize wasteful expenses. Engage with as few corporations as possible. Avoid subscriptions to events at the gym, food delivery, airmiles, health plans, music subscriptions, meetup groups. They will create drama in your life and suck your time and money.

Get regular professional advice or mentorship on financial issues, investing, legal issues, health, and personal development.

Leave soul-destroying corporate jobs. Start your own business. Live among nature, not in toxic cities and suburbs.

Accept great responsibilities and small tasks. Don't measure short term worth of everything you do. Do 'good deeds' and 'what goes around comes around'.

Be close to your family and friends. Your pets are not family or friends.

Don't compare yourself to others. Don't admire others for their financial success or popularity. Avoid the digital cocaine of Social Media.

Live your life with elegance, class, and a purpose. Don't just get by and merely satisfy your basic primeval desires. Dress well, eat well, live well. Go out, meet people and make friends.

Remember the saying: your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your character, and your character becomes your destiny. Speak and act with consciousness. Don't follow trends and fashion.

Don't tell others what to do, be the example others admire and wish to follow.

Achieve financial independence, invest wisely, live a healthy, happy and admirable life. That is a good start.

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