Get out of your job before it destroys you

A job is not good for the medium term because of the damage it does to your physical and emotional health.

A job almost defines a person in the Westernized World. One of the first questions people ask when they meet strangers is 'What do you do'. So people tend to develop an unhealthy attachment to their job.

No matter how comfortable or satisfying or exciting your job might appear to be, it is bad for you.

A job is rarely comfortable or satisfying or exciting unless you have very low expectations, or have not tried anything better.

A job is Three Letter Acronym(TLA) for Just Over Broke(JOB). That is what you will be at your job compared to other options like running your own business. Wages are stagnant, bonuses and pay rises non-existent, cost of living in cities and suburbs is high, quality of life in the cities and suburbs low, and individual/personal taxes high. Why would anyone want to stay at a job any more than absolutely necessary?

There is no financial sense in having a job in the Westernized World if the job pays you less than $150k. Once you deduct the nearly 40% income tax, and include the higher cost of living in the cities and the suburbs, the indirect taxes, the cost of commuting, and cost to your health, you will realize that $150k feels like minimum wages.

The soul-destroying job and long hours will take a physical toll on your body. Sitting is the new smoking. Sitting for a long period of time is just as unhealthy as smoking. Standing desks are not as good as they are advertised to be.

The soul-destroying job and long hours will drain you emotionally leaving you emotionally dead. It is fairly easy to identify those who have a job. Their soul is crushed. Life and sparkle in the eyes is gone. Their body language is of a defeated unhealthy person wiht poor posture.

The mediocrity and compliance expected at most soul destroying jobs will lower your work standards and develop a twisted perspective on life. This is why people who have had jobs for long periods of time struggle to start their business. After years at a job, they can do their job well, but they don't have the skills, overall rounded personality with a variety of skills, and the killer instinct to be successful outside their narrowly defined job.

Men and women are equal and different. Jobs affect them equally badly and differently.

A job is exceptionally bad for women. It destroys them emotionally even more so. Generally, women who work at boring soul-destroying jobs crave excitement and entertainment. They expect unrealistically high level of fulfillment, excitement, and entertainment from family and friends after work. They turn to alcohol, soft drugs, trashy entertainment, parties, casual sex or at least flirting with strangers, and constant validation and entertainment on social media. This destroys their family life. This is the fate of most young single women at a job. Can this explain the rise in number of childless single corporate career women searching for fulfillment, excitement, and entertainment into their 30's?

A job might be acceptable in the short term as a stop-gap. A job might be ok for the long term if you are paid significantly more than the minimum wage $150k. A job might be ok if one is involved in cutting edge research or involved in a genuinely public-serving role such as a nurse, teacher, fireman, aircraft engineer, in the army, etc.

A job is not good for the medium term because of the damage it does to your physical and emotional health.

When you consider all aspects of a job and what it does to your physical, mental and emotional health, the life of a cattle herder or a shepherd grazing cattle or sheep in the mountains is better than most jobs today. A job as a cattle herder will have more opportunities for you to grow financially, and will be better for you physically and emotionally. You will also have less shit to deal with as a cattle herder or grazer.

The world's economy has always been built on small independent businesses and traders. The gig economy is not any better for it is more work and uncertainty, without any holidays, pension or perks.

For a better life, start your small business. Be a well-rounded person with several skills. Don't waste precious years of your life in a health, personality, soul, and life destroying job.

Get out of your job as soon as you can.

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