Are you busy?

What message are you sending to others when you say you are busy?

In the Westernized World, it is a status symbol to be always busy or give the impression that you are busy, and your time is precious.

What message are you sending to your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances when you say you are busy?

You think you are saying "my time is precious, only contact me if you have something valuable to offer me, and keep it short, interesting and lucrative for me as I have other things going on".

People who say they are busy are not perceived as high status but as poor at time management, rude, and with an inflated sense of self-importance.

Time and money are two of the most precious things in our life. Not having enough disposable time in your life is like not having enough disposable income. It is definitely not a sign of high status, success, or popularity.

Appearing busy is also a mechanism many people use to cope with their shallow meaningless lives. They fill their lives with meaningless activities and distractions, hoping they will not have to think about important things in life. They hope the noise of everyday life drowns out the cries of their empty soul, crushed conscience and meaningless existence.

People who don't live in the Westernized world don't say they are busy. This is because their lives are not hollowed out by Westernized lifestyle. They generally have a nicer temperament, are not rude, and they know their self-worth. Outside the Westernized World, it would be considered impolite to not have tea with strangers and spend time discussing personal life and potential business opportunities.

It is easy to blame Westernized culture for giving us shallow meaningless life, which forces most people to fill up their time with meaningless activities and distractions. However, we create the culture we live in, so we take the blame.

Opportunity doesn't knock twice, and opportunity doesn't come with fanfare and fireworks. It creeps in silently and subtly, and goes away the same way. When people say they are busy, they miss opportunities. When they say they are busy, others generally avoid involving them in any ideas or projects as no one wants to waste his time trying to convince anyone to engage.

It is people's inflated sense of self-importance which creates the expectation in them that only mature opportunities should come to them for their blessing and acceptance. "Only come to me when you can amaze me with your ideas in one sentence". Life does not work that way. People reach out to each other with ideas, and those who get on board early reap the most benefits. Who do you think made more money? The third person to join Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, or the thirtieth? Do you want to be the third person in any endeavor or the thirtieth?

People clearly demonstrate all three negative traits when they say they are busy: bad at time management from filling up their life with meaningless activities and distractions, rude, and with an inflated sense of self-importance. If they were not all three, they would not say they are busy. If they were bad at time management, and with an inflated sense of self-importance, yet polite, they would still politely spend a few minutes with people who reach out to them.

Live a meaningful life instead of being a creature of Westernized neoliberal mindset, improve your time management, be humble, and have a realistic sense of your self worth so that you are available to respond when the opportunity of a lifetime knocks.

You will then magically discover you have a lot more time to be social and interact with strangers. More opportunities will come your way, which will raise your social and financial status.

Can you do this, or are you too busy to do it?

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