Voice of Mankind's mission is Making Sense of this Changing World.

We are working to influence public opinion on issues that affect us all. We do research and advocacy on matters of public interest.

We provide original analysis, provoke thought, and enlighten on issues relevant to all of us.

To call yourself the Voice of Mankind, and aim to influence public opinion at global scale is a big responsibility. It is not a passion, or a moral responsibility, but a question of survival. It is a necessity for all of us to be informed and engaged for our survival. There is a lot of money and power at stake in keeping us entertained, mis-informed, and asking irrelevant questions.

Our agenda is timely, relevant, and highlights what you should pay attention to. We write for the changing world for which the existing wisdom is just as effective but not as obvious. Our writing is always concise, easy to read, gripping, powerful, provokes thought, and thoughtful action.

We don't aim to be politically correct because we don't want to dilute the message. When you have good intentions and feel other peoples pain, you can be truthful without hurting others.

We don't entertain or make you laugh. We rather focus our energy on getting the message right rather than entertain you. If you believe in reality being more entertaining than fantasy, you might be entertained.

We are neither left leaning or right leaning or centrist, because their differences are superficial. Out mind is not conditioned by 'liberal' social studies propaganda education, or years of work in corporate environment.

We don't provide balanced arguments or present 2 sides of a story because subtle distinctions are amplified at global scale over decades. There is only 1 'right' side of a story, and it is obvious when mind is uncluttered by intellectual, cultural and financial baggage. It is a separate problem of implementation if it is not practical, or acceptable. Those who want you to debate the 2 sides of the story just want to continue to benefit from the status quo.

We don't seek validation or affirmation of our thought and analysis. We answer questions of our own choosing and set the agenda.

Critics see contradictions, wise people see dilemmas. Our home ground is the seemingly gray area of dilemmas and abstract thought.

When our mind is free of prejudice and hatred; uncorrupted by money and fame; and not fearful of negative consequences that will follow; then the answers to our dilemmas will come to us.

We are right because we base our words and actions on humanity, history, and our shared common values. That is enough to help us navigate through the information minefield and noise. We are uncorrupted by favor or influence, and have vested interest in being right. We live by what we say. We thrive and flourish in the world we live in. We have no safety net. If we are wrong, we see the effect in our daily life immediately.

Our ideas are battle-tested in the real world everyday by us. You should too.

FAQ's about what we do here.

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Avneet Singh


Avneet Singh is founder of Voice of Mankind. Voice of Mankind helps people 'Make Sense of this Changing World' through 'Ideas + Communication'.

His work involves research and advocacy on matters of public interest. He provides original analysis, provokes thought, and enlightens on issues relevant to all of us. 

Avneet did his Masters from University of Oxford, and has more than 15 years experience writing in various domains. He has managed projects and relationships for large publicly listed companies.

Voice of Mankind combines his skills at articulating abstract and complex issues, and presenting them in simple practical terms.