Focus on the message rather than the credentials, personality, or popularity. If it makes you think deeply, we have succeeded.

We provide original analysis, provoke thought, and enlighten on issues relevant to all of us.

Lets break it down

Original analysis: Hear a refreshing perspective, not aligned with any particular narrative or the left or the right.

Provoke thought: You will think about what we discussed after our conversation. It might happen on your drive home, or when the noise in your life dies down and you have time to reflect and introspect.

Enlighten: We explain where the dilemmas in our mind come from, and how to navigate through them. Dilemmas cause inaction due to analysis paralysis at best, or wrong actions at worst.

Relevant: I only talk of issues relevant to us, not distractions, or click bait to suck you into a heated discussion on a less important topic. I am not here to send you a curve ball or ask trick questions that confuse you.

Where do our values and beliefs come from, and do we understand their consequences?

I will give you 3 examples.

A common phrase you hear from people is 'I don't get it'. Will they get it if you read the constitution, literary works from great authors, big ideas from giants of our time who shaped the world we live in such as Gandhi, MLK, Mandela, Tolstoy?

People say they are spiritual, not religious. What does it mean? Can you convince yourself and a friend what it means? Can you talk to someone for 2-3 minutes what it really means?

Why do so many people life their life unlived? We all have dreams, big ideas, potential to come up with world class products and services, but few do. Why is that?

It is important as this is more than a cute naive discussion. We are bombarded with noise to confuse us, it leads to inaction at best, and wrong actions at worst. We are all neighbors. Our values, beliefs and culture define our actions. And the actions of one affect us all. Your values, beliefs and culture is my concern for you can do things that affect me.

That is why it is very important, and why it matters.

Definitely not! These are relevant issues that affect us all. It is important for our mental, emotional and social health.