All politicians are predictably corrupt and only interested in power and money.

We have to unite and engage with them on our terms as a group, not as individuals, to ensure we get them to do what we want.

All Politicians are predictable.

Their actions are driven by pursuit of power and money. The traits which define a politician have been known and documented for generations. These are the 7 Deadly Sins of Christianity: Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. We can also add moral fluidity, lack of integrity, and casual lying.

Their most prominent traits are greed and narcissism.

Most people also exhibit the same 7 Deadly Sins of Christianity, as well as moral fluidity, lack of integrity, and casual lying. People get the leaders they deserve. Politicians are a mirror of society. The sudden rise of evil Demagogues in several countries in the last few years is the symptom of the hypocrisy of the public easily led by rhetoric and big talk, rather than simple practical advice.

Politicians are generally irrelevant. Baring a few exceptionally evil politicians, most are predictably corrupt, and there is not much to gain from replacing them. This is also why democracies are considered a farce in most of the Westernized World. Electing a different set of people with same traits is not going to change much.

"Bull markets and bear markets come and go, and it’s more to do with business cycles than presidents": source .

"We “choose” politicians by rote after elections so crude in their messaging and so vapid in their content that most of us do not bother to participate in them. The politicians themselves—with the exception of an occasional Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren—have become rubberstamps for the trade deals, tax rates, and deregulations demanded by an enriched and empowered one-tenth of one percent. The rest of us are mere spectators. Many of us are not even aware that the game we are watching isn’t entertainment, isn’t virtual reality. It is our lives." [1]

Politicians deceive and distract the public, while those who support politicians and put him in power cash out by leveraging insider information or government subsidies.

Elections: where we choose which politician we trust to lie to us.

"People that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims... but accomplices": George Orwell.

"Politics is best understood as public relations for particular interests. The interests come first; politics are the means by which they are justified and promoted. On the left, the dominant interest groups can be very large – everyone who uses public services, for example. On the right they tend to be much smaller. In the US, UK and Australia, they are very small indeed: mostly multi-millionaires and a very particular group of companies: those whose profits depend on the cavalier treatment of people and planet": George Monbiot.

Politicians cannot be ignored as they can be easily lobbied by evil forces to do a lot of damage. We have to unite and engage with them on our terms as a group, not as individuals. If good people don't engage with the corrupt evil politicians, it creates a vacuum. All politicians demonstrate moral fluidity. The right morals need to be strongly enforced on them at all times.

A good way to engage with them is to unite and form a formal large organization of people who can lobby for our interests with the politicians. Highlight the benefits of having a large supportive group of people on his side, and equally highlight what a large hostile active formal union of people can do.

You don't even have to explain the benefits of what you are doing to you, the community, or the country. You only have to make the politician realize the benefit(and danger) to his position by not working for your interests.

Politicians cannot be ignored.

Engage with them to ensure we get them to do what we want.

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