Our greatest achievements

Enlightened Sahibzada Ajit Singh with religious zeal takes on an army of oppressive Mughals. Image courtesy of Artist Bhagat Singh, SikhiArt.com.

Believe in, and cherish Science and Religion, for they are mankind's greatest achievements.

Science and Religion are mankind's greatest achievements.

Science has made our lives better in many ways, eliminated sickness and diseases, and provided comfort and enlightenment.

The word 'Science' is used here to encompass acquiring knowledge, rational thinking, and arriving at conclusions based on logic, peer review, and proof. 'Science' is what all professionals use - scientists, doctors, engineers, wildlife researchers, statisticians, economists, technicians, etc. The word 'Science' here is used for rational thought and enlightenment in the fields of natural and social sciences.

Religion has united us, defined our morality, and formalized rules for living in society. It also gives us religious zeal which unites men and drives them to great deeds.

Yet both Science and Religion have been actively and consciously sidelined in the last 25 years in this period of exploitation and extraction we live in.

Science will provide rational thought and conclusive proof against those who exploit and extract. Oppressive forces can't allow that.

Religion unites people, sensitizes them to morality and virtue, and motivates them into action. Large groups of oppressed people driven by morality and justice, and fuelled by religious zeal are a grave threat to oppressive regimes everywhere. Oppressive forces can't allow that either.

There are some who blame religion for all wars, and all the problems of the world. Is it religion, or is it governments and corporations using religion to mislead and divide people, and then leading them to war? Were the 2 World Wars, the Korean War, the Gulf War, the Soviet-Afghan war, the Vietnam war, the Sino-Indian war, the 3 Indo-Pakistan wars about religion, or about securing the status quo for governments and corporations?

The modern approach to making people act against their own self-interests is to make it fashionable. Does this explain why being ignorant, stupid, and immoral is now considered acceptable and fashionable without any taboo? Do you remember the times when it was unthinkable to 'not know' and lack any virtue? In a span of 25-50 years, being ignorant, stupid, immoral, and without any virtue has gone from being unthinkable and unacceptable, to common-place and fashionable.

"A fool and his money are soon parted" is an old English proverb. As Guru Nanak said "It is ordained by the Creator that before coming to a fall one is deprived of one's virtue" and "as long as men were steeped in ignorance and corruption, nothing could be done for them"(Asa di Var). There are a lot of forces at work that want you to 'fall' and be parted of your money.

Ignorance and loss of virtue are the means to an end. Your end.

The Media and the Fashion industry owned by large corporations lead this initiative on behalf of the Deep State. The media and its corporate masters whip up people into selective outrage as part of their war on science and religion. The result is that people lose faith in both. As an example, if the clergy demonstrates depravity and degradation, it is immediately highlighted and used to destroy people's connection with religion. However, when the CEO's, and movers and shakers in capitalism and Deep State are caught with their depravity and degradation, it is treated as an isolated incident that is not reflective of the corrupt capitalism and Deep State. There is selective outrage led by corporate media, and selective enforcement of the law led by the Deep State. Every fault or mistake of Scientists and Religion is amplified and highlighted, and every scandal of governments and corporations is downplayed and glossed over.

Understand where Science ends, and bureaucracy, greed, and government interference begins before you blame science when things go wrong. The classic case of this was the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster where science didn't fail, but the greed of bureaucracy and government silenced the scientific objections. Is what you think as failure of science really a failure of science, or interference by bureaucrats and managers for their personal benefits?

Understand where Religion ends and your personal interpretation of religion begins. Do you really know your religion, and all major religions of the world before you join the Deep State led war on religion?

Science is no longer in the service of man, but in the service of its corporate masters. Instead of hope in upcoming technologies like Genetic Modification, Artificial Intelligence, Self Driving Cars, and Robots, we fear it. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men".

Religion is also subservient and at the mercy of its political and corporate masters as people have shunned it. You can imagine the consequences when the power of science is used without any morality or checks, and its negative effects hidden from us by politicians, governments, and corporations.

Religion is less to do with God, and more to do about us. Religion is about how we live as individuals and as a community. Religion provides the framework, which is formalized as laws. The 10 commandments are almost all formalized as laws in the Westernized world.

Science provides the conclusive evidence, and religion unites and motivates people to act. People's belief in Science is far greater than their trust of the Government. More people trust religion than governments and corporations combined. People's support and trust for other people of the same religion transcends continents and political borders.

People's loyalty is to: Money > Work/job/business > Race > Religion > Science/logic > Government.

The Government and Corporations want people's loyalty to be: Government > Work/job/business > Money > Race > Religion > Science/logic.

Notice how Government and Corporations want people's loyalty to change completely. Governments and corporations want people to suspend rational thought and virtue, and have blind faith in them. Does this explain the rise in governments and corporations who make statements without evidence, and expect their un-informed ignorant divided citizens to just accept it?

An oppressive power will always see higher trust in Science and Religion as a threat. An oppressive power prefers closed-door unscientific opaque decisions that further their interests, and disunited, polarized people who mistrust each other, and have no knowledge or virtue.

Examples of this are in every field: science, environment, law, accountancy, economics, finance, etc. There is a war on experts. It is no coincidence that all expert advice in the field of Science, environment, law, accountancy, economics is ignored by the government in their quest to maximize short term profits. Experts and expert Scientific advice are of no value to government and corporations. It is subservient to short term profits.

It is no coincidence that the war on Science and Religion started with the rise of the dominant Neo-Liberal philosophy of our times. Constant purge of authentic Scientific experts and authentic Religious Leaders is part of that plan.

Be a man of Science and Religion. There is absolutely no conflict of interest or clash of any kind. They address completely different aspects of our life, but have a common goal of enriching, enlightening, and enchanting our lives.

Scientists, environmentalists, lawyers, accountants, economists, and Religious Leaders should unite to protect mankind's greatest achievements.

There is an ongoing war on Science(knowledge, enlightenment) and Religion(morality and virtue) as together they are unbeatable, and a threat to oppressive forces in this age of exploitation of labor and extraction of resources. Believe in, and cherish Science and Religion, for they are mankind's greatest achievements.

"Science investigates; religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge, which is power; religion gives man wisdom, which is control. Science deals mainly with facts; religion deals mainly with values. The two are not rivals." - Martin Luther King Jr.

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