The Return of Emperor Nero

Emperor Nero is back. Enjoy the soap opera on the global stage while the world burns.

Roman Emperor Nero is famous in history as the Emperor who played music while ancient Rome burned. The real story is darker than that as Emperor Nero of Rome himself probably arranged for Rome to be burned so as to clear the old capital to make way for his new projects.

Large scale burning of Amazon rainforest is in the news along with bickering politicians. As the Amazon rainforest burns, politician's insults and personal vendettas stand in the way.

I have zero interest and zero motivation in attacking anyone personally. My comments are not an attack or criticism of any particular individual. I have zero knowledge or interest in the back story behind this news. Mocking or criticizing an individual has no value when his behavior is shared by all men of his kind. I am merely using this incident to illustrate a point.

There is no statesmanship or leadership at this time of global crisis. Instead, there is pride at the destruction of the world's greatest rainforest. "I used to be called Captain Chainsaw,” he said. "Now I am Nero, setting the Amazon aflame." - says the President of Brazil.

It is immaterial whether it is all political theater or not. Maybe the government doesn't want to save the rainforest from deforestation as the fire was started with their implicit approval in the first place to clear the land.

"At this point, we can start to see more clearly why the nation has foundered so miserably. A failure of political leadership at all levels; a distrust of scientists, the media and expertise in general; and deeply ingrained cultural attitudes about individuality and the values placed on life have all combined to result in a horrifically inadequate pandemic response compared to what are traditionally considered the U.S.’s peer nations" and "A complete catalog of Trump’s failures to adequately address the pandemic is the stuff of books, not single articles": Source

The point is that politicians and their government will stand in the way of saving the world, and large corporations will be complicit. The politicians, government, and corporations are not part of the solution or part of the problem, but the problem.

There is Rot at the Top. There is a Global Leadership Crisis in governments, corporations, and politics. The higher the office in government, corporations, and politics, the more the corruption, incompetence, hypocrisy, indifference, narcissism, empty rhetoric and showmanship. The world is run by Killer Clowns.

The lesson learned is that as the world burns, almost all politicians and governments will be more concerned with their personal image, ego, their decadent lifestyle, and their financial rewards rather than doing their job.

Don't have faith in free-market or corporations with Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) to save the world. They have been equally complicit in this destruction for years. The non-profits and Social Enterprises are too feeble, fossilized, underpaid, hypocritical, incompetent, narcissist, and amateurish.

Will any of these entities behave differently if there was another serious global pandemic or another serious global catastrophe?

What expectations do you continue to have from Politicians, and the Government which they control and direct? What else needs to happen to prompt you into action?

Emperor Nero is back. Enjoy the soap opera on the global stage while the world burns.

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