The Golden Age of Man

We live in a Golden Age of Man.

Make the most of this Golden Age we are in.

We live in a Golden Age of Man. Historians call it the Anthropocene: the Age of Man.

This is an age of abundance.

There is tropical food available in the Arctic countries, and air conditioning makes tropics comfortable. One can afford to travel anywhere in the world. A computer gives access to the finest books, documentaries and research papers. One can video call anyone across the world for almost free. A suitcase or shoe maker can have his products marketed and delivered all over the world. A good deed is seen and spread by people all over the world. Ideas, goods, and services travel at great speed across great distances.

Millions have been lifted out of hunger, disease, and poverty. Several diseases have been eliminated and several others made preventable and treatable. Those who take care of their health can look forward to a life expectancy of 85 or more.

There is abundance of good and bad. It is just as important as ever to be wise enough to invest in abundance of good, and avoid the abundance of bad.

This Golden Age of Man has been brought around by great technological progress. Great technological progress has eliminated diseases, created an abundance of food and energy, and enabled ideas, goods, and services to travel at great speed across great distances.

The Golden Age of Man saw the rise of the Middle Class.

Things have never been this good. Will they continue?

What goes up must come down. All the signs point towards a gradual decrease in our quality of life. Rising population, climate crisis, environmental degradation and pollution, breakdown of social structures and safety net, our lethargy and laziness, the ticking time bombs of Artifical Intelligence and Genetic Engineering, and the institutional corruption of Deep State will drag our economy and quality of life down. The Golden Age of Man will end. No one knows when. It already has ended for many. The shrinking Middle class is a sign of the end of the Golden Age of Man.

Technological progress will continue. The few who are wise will benefit from the change. Most will suffer from the end of the Golden Age of Man.

There are some who believe Golden Ages can only ever exist in the past. Just like missed opportunities and good times, Golden Ages are only recognized after they are gone.

Make the most of this Golden Age we are in.

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