System Fail

Our current economic-social-political system has failed.

Our current economic-social-political system has failed.

Our current economic-social-political system has failed.

Click image above to see the symptoms we experience, what causes them, and their root cause.

The intent of this article and of the image above is not to be 100% accurate of the causes of our problems and the relation between them, but to help us appreciate that the myriad of our problems are connected, and stem from root cause of System Fail.

Peter Turchin called this "End Times". Chris Hedges calls it "Empire of Illusion".

UN Secretary-General António Guterres said:
"Our World Is in Big Trouble. Let's have no illusions. We are in rough seas. A winter of global discontent is on the horizon. A cost-of-living crisis is raging. Trust is crumbling. Inequalities are exploding. Our planet is burning. People are hurting – with the most vulnerable suffering the most...

we are gridlocked in colossal global dysfunction"

- UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

System Fail is this colossal global dysfunction of cost-of-living crisis, crumbling trust, exploding inequality, burning planet, suffering of the vulnerable, and hurt people.

The most basic expectation of a "system" is to lead us to a better tomorrow, especially for the next generation. Our current system fails this fundamental test of a better tomorrow.

The vast majority of people living in the current socio-economic-political system will have a worse future, see their children have worse social lives, be economically worse off than them, and be less free with fewer human rights in a tyrannical, totalitarian, techno-fascist, Orwellian system. Yet, they continue as normal.

People all over the world subconsciously know that things are not right. But they carry on as if nothing has changed.

Why we don't realize System has Failed?

Normalcy bias: We don't realize it because we want to believe life is normal even when it is not. These are not normal times.

UN Secretary General calls it "once-in-a-generation global cost-of-living crisis".

They are once in a 100 year times. President Xi of China said so to President Putin of Russia.

Look for simple explanation and solutions: We don't realize system has failed because we look for simple explanation for our problem.

"... my child still hasn't got a job, he should try harder at job-hunting and reach out to contacts for advice and recommendations".

"... I try to take care of my health and eat healthy but still I am overweight with no energy".

"... I made my company a million dollars, but I was still told I am not meeting company expectations".
There are no simple explanation and solutions in a failed system. Study harder, get a degree, get a job, start a business, work more, exercise more, eat less, smile more, be positive, be happy, be social... does not work.
We don't share our problems: We don't realize system has failed because we don't share our problems. We try to find solutions ourselves. We don't realize 99% of us have same problems. We struggle in dark alone thinking it is just our problem for us to solve rather than a wider and deeper systemic problem.

We don't see the connections between problems: We don't realize system has failed because we look at problems in isolation.
"E.g. What has COVID in 2020 got to do with Indian banknote demonetisation of 2016? Did they both not destroy small businesses? How are they connected? "

Positive Psychology: We don't realize system has failed because we are bombarded with the toxic quack science of "Positive Psychology" where everyone is told via media propaganda to be positive and everything is ok. If you are not positive and sensational, you are considered boring. People want to listen to positive, uplifting, and sensational talk, not sobering hard-nosed realism.

Media propaganda: We don't realize system has failed because media propaganda labels even superficial criticism of the System as conspiracy theory. Those who highlight it are ignored, ridiculed, humiliated, de-platformed, cancelled or imprisoned. No one is allowed to tell us, and we don't want to listen.

Things to know about this System Failure

Terminal decline: The System Failure is Terminal and Long Term. Don't expect things to get better 'next year' or after next election. No reform of current system is possible.

Fyodor Lukyanov, the editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Affairs, chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, and research director of the Valdai International Discussion Club said: "The current "World War Three" is likely to endure over a long time frame and be scattered in terms of locations. But based on its results - and there will be some - a different structure of international organizations will emerge... The disappearance of the status quo means that the world has entered a long period of turmoil in which new frameworks have not yet been established (and it is not clear when they will be) and the old ones are no longer working."

Intentional: The System Failure is being managed by the Government and Deep State. It is intentional. There is no point going to the government or politicians or Deep State and asking them to fix it. They are the ones intentionally and knowingly doing it.

Replacing Neo-Liberalism with Techno-Feudalism: This System Fail is being intentionally managed and allowed to replace our existing Neo-Liberalism social-economic-political model with an even more exploitative model called Techno-Feudalism. This will be characterized by Digital Currency, unlimited hyper-inflation, and no human rights in a corporate-fascist state.

Global: The system collapse is global as most countries have similar social-economic-political model. So the System Fail is global, although it is more in some countries, less in other countries.

Once-in-a-Hundred-Years crossroads: The System Fail will bring us to Once-in-a-Hundred-Years political, social and economic crossroads. It will create turmoil and new opportunities. It will not be creative destruction, just destruction. Those who are aware will benefit from the change. Most of us will be left much worse.
"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever."

- George Orwell
Those who are engaged in Disaster Capitalism - profiting from disasters and people's misery - will be well off. As an example, as millions of people descend from middle class and become poorer, low cost services like Dollar stores and cheap fast convenient food will thrive.

"Dogs and cats have replaced children" in majority households in USA. Those selling dog and cat products and grooming services, will see their business boom.

* * *

In Punjabi, this System Failure is called ਆਵਾ ਊਤਿਆ(disaster everywhere).

Study harder, get a degree, get a job, start a business, work more, exercise more, eat less, smile more, be positive, be happy, be social... does not work.

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, or are just lucky, you can find little pockets of normalcy and opportunity.

Most will just barely stay afloat in this sea of toxic waste and rivers of human sewage.

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