Career Advice

Thoughtful career advice for these dark and toxic times.

The social-economic-political system we live in has failed.

This will cause pain and suffering to most as their real world income, status, and freedom declines.

Staying innocent, willfully ignorant, withdrawing, minding your own business, and just doing your job serving the government... is not an option as Deep State and government will manipulate you and make you an agent of evil.

As an agent of evil, you will be called to play a small part in a big evil. You will stay willfully ignorant while participating in a small way in big evil.

Here is thoughtful advice to help navigate these dark and toxic times.

  1. Get physically healthy; mentally and emotionally stable; and disciplined.

  2. 'Rally to your King': Making sense of our changing world requires hours of deep studying, deep knowledge, and deep insights. Let specialists guide you just as you let doctors, lawyers, architects, or financial planners guide you. 'Rally to your King': find the wisest and honest mentor or guide; and let him guide you.
    This was the traditional role of religion leaders and priests before religion was shunned by the masses; hijacked by the government of the time; and people became slaves of the government and dependent on them.
    Restrict reading about philosophy, news, current affairs, economics, and politics to 1 hour a day. Read the news but do not try to deeply analyze current affairs. They are highly specialized fields with depth, abstractions, unknowns, layers of history; complicated by human factors of incompetence, emotions, popular beliefs, business interests, propaganda and false beliefs. Just as we don't try and pull out our own tooth in modern world, let experts guide you. It is division of labor.
    Minimize videos on social media. Videos have a role in inciting emotions but they are not dense with information. Most videos not only waste time, but also cause emotional problems as they make you emotionally charged but ignorant.

  3. Start ethical efficient business that provides real value. A job in today's world today keeps you Just Over Broke(JOB). You will be a poor slave to government or corporations in a job. It will lead to financial, social, family, and other problems as you real world income, status, and freedom declines.

  4. Do not get arrogant when you get rich. Most people do not have good role models. Most people have only met mediocre men, or psychopaths in power, or rich jerks, or intelligent fools, or powerful Machiavellian bureaucrats. Don't become like them because that is all you have seen. There are better men.

  5. Donate 10% of income(not profit) to private charity as dasvand or tithe.
    Donate to the best brains of the world to do what is good for you and help you achieve the impossible. We don't tell the doctor or teacher or lawyer or Professor what to do. We pay them, and they will tell us what we have to do.

George Monbiot sums up his career advice: "You know you have only one life. You know it is a precious, extraordinary, unrepeatable thing: the product of billions of years of serendipity[chance, luck] and evolution. So why waste it by handing it over to the living dead?"

Why indeed hand over your life and career to the 'living dead' of a failed social-economic-political system and bloated dysfunctional tyrannical government that keeps you Just Over Broke(JOB), and manipulates you to be an agent of evil?

* * *

Five graphs below will set the context and help you understand the career advice.

The social-economic-political system we live in has failed.
We live in End Times of a failed system.
Don't try and make sense of the complex world around us.
'Rally to your King'

Government gets bigger and bigger while destroying our economy.

Government printed money during COVID which created inflation.
Then it restricted money supply destroying the economy.
The result is stagflation: stagnation with inflation. Falling income, rising prices.
It is the "Greatest Wealth Transfer In History"

People are more productive every year and contribute more to the economy, corporations, and governments. But they get paid less and less.
If you have a job, you will be Just Over Broke(JOB)

You will see decline in wealth, quality of life, and status unless you are participating in the 4th and 5th industrial revolution.

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