The real reason for calls to use soft language is to blunt the effect of powerful inspiring words so that their effectiveness is lost.

People claim to be easily offended by the language and common everyday words. They use it as an excuse to avoid working on real issues. Imaginary problems are much easier to deal with than real problems.

This is an urban liberal problem found only in big cities. Understanding this is important to avoid being distracted by them.

Use of Politically Correct and contemporary soft language makes us weak. Instead of focusing on real issues and tackling them, Political Correctness and soft language focuses on tackling imaginary problems which seem to grow in size no matter what. The real issues are never addressed, and people are demoralized.

Examples of Politically Correctness is avoiding words such as 'chairman' and 'handicapped'. So many everyday normal words are now considered inappropriate. It is not clear how using a different word changes anything. Has not using the words 'chairman' or 'handicapped' contributed to people's well being in anyway?

Another common trait of people who like to use soft words is hypocrisy. They ask people to use soft words but admire people who don't care about using soft words.

Soft Politically Correct words are also more likely to be used by entitled spoiled people who end up with low status in corporate slave jobs. The media and the Deep State also supports the use of soft Politically Correct language and words as it keeps the attention away from real issues.

The real reason for calls to use soft language is to blunt the effect of powerful inspiring words so that their effectiveness is lost.

Avoid giving in when dealing with people who are easily offended by language and choice of words. Once you start giving in, it won't end. Focus on the real issue, not the imaginary issue. Don't change your words to make other people happy. Simply tell them that a word itself can not be offensive, and that you rather focus on the situation and the issue. Expect them to walk away with the excuse that they cant work with you because of your language.

There are people who act like school teachers, and focus on words instead of the essence of the message. This behavior is appropriate when you are at school but unnecessary with adults. They are not capable of solving any real issues and are not much help anyway.

Changing your language to please others in the name of Political Correctness or to avoid hurting others is ineffective in solving real problems.

Don't punish people for their language. Understand their intentions and actions. If you don't, you will soon be surrounded by hypocrites who say all the right things but have hidden intentions. Canadian Politicians are great examples of people saying all the right things and mastery of empty words.

This is a global problem that has been around for centuries. Throughout the world and history, low-status people with or without power, have been offended by words, but not by the pain and evil deeds that are inflicted on the poor everyday. The punishment used to be scalping etc, now it is de-platforming.

Avoid softening your language, or making it Politically Correct, or changing your words to make low-status people happy.

Bhai Taru Singh Ji refused to be converted and was scalped at the age of 25. Image courtesy of Artist Bhagat Singh,

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