The Legend of Men

Baba Deep Singh Ji successfully led an army to victory at the age of 75. Image courtesy of Artist Bhagat Singh,

Be a man, be a legend.

In this age of equality, it is fashionable and politically correct to believe that everyone is the same and equally capable.

This is true, but also one side of the story. Everyone is also different and unique in their own way with traits that others don't have.

Men have a natural inclination to think big, aim high, and do great things. They enjoy taking on big responsibilities with fellow men in a peer group. Without their group of like-minded men, they wither away. The basis of this can probably be found in human evolution.

Put any man in his peer group of like-minded men and give them the freedom to think and act big. They will seek out challenges and achieve unbelievable greatness.

The modern world rewards mediocrity. The modern lifestyle is for and average men and women with stable jobs and a 'career'. Mediocre people feel at home and at ease in our safe anesthetized Westernized World. They are popular and fit in. They can speak for an extended period of time without saying anything. They are good at sharing trivial anecdotes from their day to day life. They suffer less as the environment is designed for them. Mediocre men thrive in the pretend insular individuality, trivial talk, noise, and pursuit of shallow pleasures. The modern world is designed for modern single women and beta males who love being performing monkeys.

Is it a surprise that real men feel trapped and suffer from functional depression in this limiting environment.

Avoid being a corporate employee. Avoid becoming a popular entertainer with cheap jokes and trivial anecdotes at a party.

It is this lack of real male mindset, lack of male camaraderie, and our shallow individualistic materialistic sanitized risk-free life which is responsible for a lot of the predicaments we all find ourselves in.

If you are a man, join forces with your peer group of like-minded men, aim high, and take on big tasks that make your life worth living, and the world a better place. Observers may call it a movement, the Deep State will spin it into an illegal disruption or revolt. I think it is just men being men, and creating legends.

Take on responsibilities and big tasks with other men.

It is such groups of men which repeatedly fought and defeated the evil Mughal empire, overthrew the evil British Empire without a single shot being fired, put a man on the moon, and brought about the food revolution which ended hunger for the first time in human history.

Be a man, be a legend.

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