Just Fix It

We don’t fix what is broken, we just buy something new and shiny.

We don’t fix what is broken, we just buy something new and shiny.

There is a prevailing cultural trait to not fix a problem but to buy into what is completely new while ignoring the new set of problems it will bring.

The underlying problems are not analyzed or fixed. The shiny new model inherits the same fundamental deficiencies at the core of the original problem.

As an example, the failures of capitalism are well-known and well-documented. Inequality, stock market bubble, healthcare that can bankrupt you, rising cost of higher education, are some examples of the failure of capitalism to deliver for all. Instead of fixing capitalism, we want to bring in a completely new economic model based on socialism while ignoring the new set of problems it will bring e.g. big government, inefficiency, limited choice, etc.

Another example is with wildlife conservation. The government, large charities, non-profits, NGO's and Social Enterprises have failed spectacularly. They are seen as a nuisance, are run by narcissistic fossilized amateurish directors of charities, and are ineffective. The scale of work required is so big that only the government can fix the problem of wildlife conservation. Don't try and do the Government's job. Lobby and Litigate the Government to do its job. Fix the problem of why the government is not doing its job, instead of creating parallel structures to do what the government can't/won't do.

Another example: there is a valid and serious concern that vaccination in children causes autism and other neurological disorders. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the vaccine itself. The issue is with the process of manufacturing which introduces unwanted products such as mercury, formaldehyde, aluminium, and other toxic chemicals into the vaccine. It is a problem that can be solved by improving the manufacturing process to filter out the unwanted chemicals. Why should we stop vaccination just because there are impurities in it, just remove the impurities from the vaccine.

Another example is with our food supply. Milk, eggs, and meat are considered unhealthy. However, they are a very efficient source of protein. There is nothing inherently wrong with occasionally consuming milk, eggs, and meat. It is over-consumption, eating processed foods, and problems with the use of excessive hormones and chemicals in food production that is the problem. Instead of enjoying healthy milk, eggs, and meat, we are told to stop eating them altogether and go vegetarian. Such ideas are impractical for those who do physical labor, are active, children, and in the third world where there are fewer alternative sources of protein. Our 'brilliant', shiny, hyped, new ideas don't solve problems for a large, important, and vulnerable part of the population. Yet the shiny new trend of vegan and vegetarianism is made fashionable and elevated as the solution to all the world's problems.

A relevant and notable global success story is with the Ozone Hole. CFC's used in refrigeration and AC's were damaging the Ozone layer. We did not stop using refrigeration and Air Conditioners. We found an alternative to CFC's which did not damage the Ozone layer. We fixed the source of the problem and "Scientists expect the Antarctic ozone to recover back to the 1980 level around 2070". Can we not do the same with vaccines and food supply?

Just fix the problem, fix what is broken. If the screwdriver is broken, don't hammer the screws, fix the screwdriver. Right the wrong instead of reinventing the wheel.

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