The untold History of the World

You are the one who will make history. Act wisely and act now.

The commonly narrated History of the World involves great men who set out to change the world. They get the limelight, and a place in the history books.

There always are great men making great scientific discoveries and inventions, proposing new ideas and philosophies, and even acquiring political power. But not all of them capture the public's imagination.

Great Leaders spend years in the political wilderness, shunned by the majority.

Positive change occurs only when a large group of people decide to act(the critical mass). Their actions, and reasons for mobilizing is the untold History of the World. It affects us for generations to come, yet so little is known why the masses decide to mobilize. Maybe they are shocked into action. Surely that can't be the reason for their mobilization as masses sleepwalk through truly atrocious events and injustice.

What does it take for the masses to act? What compels ordinary people to great deeds? What will it take for you to act to solve global crises facing us: climate crisis, migrant crisis, inequality, bully worship, breakdown of families and communities, stagflation, un-affordable housing, declining quality of life, over-population, general sense of insecurity, non-existent pensions, etc.

We always have a choice. We can make excuses, justify the status quo, bully-worship, normalize the abnormal, enjoy the distractions, and do nothing. Or we can support those that don't.

You are the one who will make history by the choices you make. It is your responsibility. Don't expect someone to amaze you into making right decisions. Act wisely and act now.

"The time is always right to do what is right" - MLK.

Mai Bhago led 40 Sikhs to battle. The Untold history of the World is about what compels ordinary people to great deeds. Image courtesy of Artist Bhagat Singh,

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