The Greatest Religion

Religion is a lot more than a protocol on how to worship God or a Higher Power.

The Greatest Religion is the one that provides a proven and realistic model to solve the Worlds most pressing social economic and political problems.

The Greatest Religion is the one that provides a proven and realistic model to solve the Worlds most pressing Social, Economic, and Political problems.

Most of us are indoctrinated on a Neoliberal diet of buzz words like democracy, equality, diversity, humanity, spirituality, yoga, etc, and are far removed from Religion. We have been misinformed about all religions of the World for decades. It takes a clear mind devoid of burden of legacy of indoctrination to understand Religion.

As an example, we are told to believe that all wars were fought over religion. Is it religion, or is it governments and corporations using religion to mislead and divide people, and then lead them to war? Were the 2 World Wars, the Gulf War, the Soviet-Afghan war, the Vietnam war, the Sino-Indian war, the 3 Indo-Pakistan wars about religion, or about economics and Geo-Politics? Wars never had anything to do with religion. Wars were always about economics and Geo-Politics. The world isn't any safer now that religion has lost all influence on most of us.

Climate crisis, over-population, moral degradation(greed, selfishness, hypocrisy), consumerism, Deep State, corruption, and mass indoctrination are good starting points when listing the Worlds most pressing Social, Economic, and Political problems of today, and looking for solutions. Religion has the answers.

The Greatest Religion in the World is not Capitalism, Consumerism, Spirituality, Empathy, Humanity or any of the several new-age cults centered on one heavily promoted personality. It is not enough to be a humane and spiritual person with empathy. Evil is not foreign but born within our hearts, homes, and communities. Spirituality, empathy or humanity together cannot stop evil. There has to be a way to stop evil originating internally in us, our families, our communities; and evil originating externally.

The Greatest Religion in the World is the Sikh Religion. This bold statement is intended to provoke you to think and imagine what can be done to solve global problems; and to learn about its relevance for the whole world today. It is not intended to belittle other religions or start a war of words with other religions that are equally worthy of respect and admiration.

A Sikh is a follower of the teachings of the 10 Gurus, a follower of Sikh culture and traditions, and a custodian of Sikh legacy. The teachings, culture, and the legacy is encapsulated in the Sikh religion.

Sikh religion is much more than a religion. It is the World's finest philosophy; and a practical, rational and proven model for social, political and economic prosperity; developed by natives of a great civilization at its peak; during its time of greatest need; and for the benefit of all. Read more here.

Here are 7 key points about Sikh religion which make it well-suited and relevant for solving the pressing global problems of today.

1.) A Sikh is a Revolutionary instead of over-analytical and defensive of the status quo. Most people have a natural tendency to be wary, over-analytical, and with inertia to act. Sikhs are always ready to change the status quo if required. An authentic Sikh welcomes drastic changes and is not afraid of it. If the drastic change is later shown to be harmful, an authentic Sikh refines it and improves upon it just as quickly. This quality developed because the Sikh religion was developed during its time of greatest need and quick relief was badly required. An authentic Sikh knows very well that 'taking it slow', prolonged discussions, analysis paralysis, inertia, etc. are delaying tactics to maintain the status quo. Most people also have been indoctrinated into having a negative sentiment towards 'revolution'. When you hear 'revolution', think of the Green revolution, and the IT revolution. "My mantra is if you want anything done you get the Sikhs involved".
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2.) A Sikh is a Political Activist. Political activism is at the core of the religion. There were several religions that were popular at the time Sikh religion was founded. There was no need of a new religion just to connect with God or Higher Powers. Sikh religion has a much wider scope. Sikh religion is about political activism to establish a practical, rational and proven model for social, political and economic prosperity. Most people are brought up to believe 'keep politics out of religion' and 'politics is dirty'. This is not the case with the Sikh religion. Political activism is central to Sikhs, and their Sikh Gurudwaras(abode of their Scripture, the eternal living Guru, and a place of worship) are Social, Religious and Political centres of the community. Mahatma Gandhi, who never supported the Sikhs, said: "Those who believe religion and politics aren't connected don't understand either".
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3.) A Sikh is the Guru. Sikh gurus directed every Sikh to be nothing less than the Gurus themselves who founded the religion. Sikhs should not have low expectations of themselves, and they should not make excuses. If their Guru did it, so can they. This is why Sikhs Think Big, are enterprising, and can accomplish any task put before them.
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4.) Respect for all beliefs and religions is a prominent characteristic of Sikhs. Sikhs showed that Social and economic prosperity does not require changing people's beliefs(religion). Authentic Sikhs in key positions of political, administrative, and military power assured security, economic prosperity and social freedom for all. Solving problems does not rely on everyone to understand the intricacies of the problems, or follow certain beliefs. This will come as a complete surprise to those who have read about forced religious conversions throughout history. Contrast this with the 'culture fit' that most corporations still look for in our modern era.
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5.) Sikhs believe heaven is a place on earth, and heaven is with your family. There is no life after death. Sikhs are encouraged to find happiness, enlightenment and fulfilment in family life and day-to-day work. Sikh priests are expected to marry and enjoy family lives. Sikhs don't run away from problems and face them head-on. There is no escapism or denial. Escape to a mountain cave or the forest and leaving your responsibilities behind is not allowed.
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6.) Sikhs don't believe in irrational cultural and social practices. Sikhs don't believe in personality worship and don't worship any physical objects. The 'what you say' is more important than 'how you say it' and 'who said it'. This is attributed to the founder of the religion Guru Nanak who destroyed dangerous peoples beliefs of that time such as cult of adoring certain group of people and believing whatever they say, and worship of physical objects etc. This is in complete contrast to the modern world where it is all about 'how it is said' and 'who says it'. In the modern world, this translates to people's love of consumerism, making arbitrary decisions based on prevailing emotions at that time, and adoration of people on media for their presentation skills.
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7.) Sikhs are prepared to resist violence. They know that oppressors don't hesitate to use violence to achieve their goals. This violence can take many forms in modern context. Every Sikh is well-prepared for any eventuality. They don't expect fair negotiations or discussions.
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Imagine the difference it will make if people with these qualities are in key positions of Political, Administrative, and Military power. Imagine if our leaders are Revolutionary instead of defending the status quo; grassroots political activists instead of relying on Deep State for support; have confidence, intellect, creativity, and knowledge to think big rather than be opportunistic parasites; understand practical value of diversity rather than use it as a buzz word; and value family life and communities.

How can we expect a solution to pressing Global Social, Economic, and Political problems when people in key positions of Political, Administrative, and Military power support the status quo; are petty and shallow opportunistic parasites; look for 'culture fit' in their 'echo chambers'; and make pursuit of the seven deadly sins(lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride) the purpose of their life.

At the height of Sikh sovereignty, less than 12% of the population were Sikhs. Baron Charles Hugel wrote of his travels in 'Travels In Kashmir And The Panjab' around 1845 that "the kingdom founded by Ranjit Singh(Sikh Emperor), who, like a skilful architect, has formed of so many insignificant unpromising fragments, one majestic fabric, seemed to me the most wonderful objects in the whole world". J. S. Grewal wrote that "there were about a million and a half Sikhs who accounted for about 12 per cent of the total population" and "over 50 per cent of the ruling class was formed by the Sikhs", but "Ranjit Singh inducted a considerable number of persons on merit, irrespective of their creed or country. Apart from the well-known European officers in the army, there were several important civil functionaries ...who did not belong to the Punjab".

The key is to note that great kingdoms are possible even with 'insignificant unpromising fragments' provided the people at key positions have qualities which Sikh gurus directed all Sikhs to develop.

The lesson from History is that this unspoken social contract to put authentic Sikhs at key positions of Political, Administrative and Military power which existed at the time of Sikh sovereignty has been lost. People want to go to the best Doctor when they are sick, but choose their leaders and politicians for key positions arbitrarily, or based on affiliation by race, religion, etc.

Sikh religion provides a practical, rational and proven model for social, political and economic prosperity. It was proven before, and is relevant today. Religion does have the answer to make our lives better. Religion is a lot more than a protocol on how to worship God or a Higher Power.

"Science gives man knowledge, which is power; religion gives man wisdom, which is control. Science deals mainly with facts; religion deals mainly with values. The two are not rivals." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Legend has it that it was asked in deteriorating villages in the 18th century North India: "Why are things so bad here? Aren't there any Sikhs here?" Mere presence of Sikhs was enough to make it a safer, just, prosperous, and better place for all.

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